Reading Ladders are the experts in providing one-to-one and small groups literacy tuition, for children and young people who struggle with learning the skills to become successful readers.

We are unique because:

  • Reading Ladders is the only charity who employs specialist dyslexia teachers to provide Literacy tuition. This specialist tuition enables pupils to overcome their reading difficulties and become independent 
  • Reading Ladders work in schools, where there are pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Reading Ladders teachers provide each pupil or small group, with a personalised learning programme.
  • Reading Ladders works in partnership with schools and parents to make sure pupils are able to transfer the strategies taught, into the classroom.

Where we work:

We work in the schools, where there are a number of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are starting in the borough of Harrow and hope to expand to other areas of North West London (Harrow, Barnet and Brent).

Why this is important:

  • Reading Ladders exists because every year 1 in 3 children leaves primary school without reaching the expected levels of literacy. This means, approximately 1.62 million children in English schools can’t access the school curriculum because they aren’t reading well enough
  • We believe that every child can achieve their potential and none should be left behind in the education system.
  • Children and young people with poor literacy are more likely to truant at secondary school and be unable to gain employment when they leave. 48% of people in prison have poor literacy skills compared to only 23% of the general population. Illiteracy costs our society £2.5 billion a year.